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OutMatch Acquires Pomello to Strengthen Predictive Solutions for Culture Fit and Employee Engagement
Combination empowers companies to hire employees that excel on the job and flourish in their culture, driving business growth and success
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The Secret Behind Hiring, Keeping, and Developing Great Employees

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Acceptance Insurance

We were never true believers in predictive analytics… Until now. You get what you put in, and the results are impressive.”

-VP of Talent Acquisition

Case Study: From Paper to Proficiency

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

We’re investing in our people, and we’re seeing the results—we’re a strong same-store sales company, and a lot of it is because of our people.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings

American Airlines

We have 7,000 emerging leaders that we’re equipping to lead the other 100,000 employees in our organization.

-Director of Talent Development

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Brinker International

We’re able to give our managers so much more insight into the candidates they’re talking to. It’s helping them make better hiring decisions.

-Director of Performance Coaching

Case Study: $21M in Turnover Savings

Tackle Your Toughest
Business Challenges

Decisions about talent impact your entire business. By improving the way you match people to jobs, you have the power to improve efficiency, boost profitability, and build a high-performance culture.

employee retention

Reduce Turnover

Improve job satisfaction and prevent burnout by placing new hires and high potentials in the best position to succeed.

Time to Hire

Improve Time to Hire

Boost efficiency with smarter, automated systems for screening, qualifying, and identifying top candidates.

Drive More Revenue

Drive More Revenue

Hire and promote people who drive sales, increase productivity, and wow customers.

Leadership Development

Improve Leadership

Build your best leadership pipeline through strategic succession planning, leadership coaching, and more.

A Single Platform to Support All Your Hiring and Development Decisions

Using assessments, analytics, and other talent solutions, you’ll finally have the data you need to improve your hiring process and set employees up for long-term success in your company.

Talent Assessment

Get the right match every time

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On-Demand Interview

Drive meaningful interviews across your organization

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Automated Reference Checking

Simplify your reference checking process

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New Employee Onboarding

Boost new hire performance and engagement

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Employee Development

Fuel your employee’s long-term success

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Workforce Analytics

Optimize business performance

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