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If workforce improvements have hit a plateau, or you’re still struggling to prove the impact of your hiring and development efforts, you’ve come to the right place.

OutMatch is here to help you improve important HR metrics, like time to hire. But we also know you need a way of connecting your talent initiatives to business outcomes. We help with that too, by measuring your hiring and development successes in terms of job performance, employee retention, and revenue growth.

American Airlines

We have 7,000 emerging leaders that we’re equipping to lead the other 100,000 employees in our organization.

-Director of Talent Development

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Acceptance Insurance

The time saved was phenomenal. Recruiters were spending up to two hours per day identifying potential candidates, then that number dropped to zero.

-VP of Talent Acquisition and Development

Case Study: 10 Day Improvement in Time to Hire

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

Turnover is very tough in the restaurant business, but within just 6 months of using assessments, we saw big reductions in turnover.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings