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Lock in success for your company—now and in the future—by developing the very best people for your critical leadership positions.

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Emerging leaders are your company’s future

And that future looks bright when you have promising young hopefuls in line for the next promotion. But are they really leadership material?

Often the answer is no—and companies don’t find out until it’s too late. 70% of high performers aren’t prepared for future roles, and nearly half of all promotions fail.* When it comes to selecting the right leaders and supporting their success, you need a more reliable strategy.

*Harvard Business Review

Build a culture of role models

Having the right people in the right leadership positions is a huge advantage for your company. Not only do these leaders execute company strategy and model core values, but they’re key players in sustaining a happy, well-adjusted workforce.

Prepare your leaders to lead

Stepping into a new role is never easy, especially when employees have to make the shift from leading themselves to leading a team of others.

That’s why identifying leadership potential is only the first step. To fully prepare your leaders, you have to support their transition into leadership, and every leadership transition afterwards.

Front-Line Manager
Leading Others

Mid-Level Manager
Leading Leaders

Senior Executive
Leading Business Units

7,000 Emerging Leaders

American Airlines equips 7,000 emerging leaders to lead world’s largest airline

American Airlines

We have 7,000 emerging leaders that we’re equipping to lead the other 100,000 employees in our organization.

-Director of Talent Development

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Acceptance Insurance

The time saved was phenomenal. Recruiters were spending up to two hours per day identifying potential candidates, then that number dropped to zero.

-VP of Talent Acquisition and Development

Case Study: 10 Day Improvement in Time to Hire

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

Turnover is very tough in the restaurant business, but within just 6 months of using assessments, we saw big reductions in turnover.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings

High Potential Development Takes Flight at American Airlines

“OutMatch helped us define leader behaviors that align with our company’s vision. It’s a framework that guides everything we do, from personality assessments to performance conversations. We keep that as our focus so leaders at American Airlines know, this is what we want from you.”

Leadership development with a proven talent strategy

Using leadership assessments, analytics, and other leadership development talent solutions, you’ll select the very best leaders and prepare them for any leadership challenge they may face.



Get the right match every time

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Drive meaningful interviews across your organization

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Simplify your reference checking process

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Boost new hire performance and engagement

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Fuel your employees’ long-term success

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Optimize business performance

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Assessments & 360s

• Compare potential and readiness
• Make strong succession decisions

Leadership Simulations

• See leadership candidates in action
• Provide a day-in-the-life job preview

High Potential Development

• Prepare successors for leadership
• Accelerate high potential growth

Don’t invest in the wrong leaders

The higher the position, the bigger the risk. Bad hires cost much more at the leadership level, and can have long-term effects on your business.

Professional employee cost of turnover:


% of salary

Mid-level manager cost of turnover:


% of salary

Senior-level executive cost of turnover:


% of salary

Leadership decisions impact your entire business. Our Talent Solutions team will support your decisions with expert analysis and debriefs on your top leadership candidates.

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