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Reduce Employee Turnover

Turnover happens. But when you improve the way you match people to jobs, you’ll find your employee turnover problem isn’t such a problem anymore.

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Turnover isn’t a problem if you’re hiring the right people

If you think you’re losing employees because of compensation and benefits, think again. When it comes to reasons why people leave their jobs, compensation and benefits are way down on the list.

What people really want is to be successful in their jobs and have an impact on the companies they work for. You can provide this—not by changing your company culture, but by improving the way you hire.

See the impact of better hiring decisions

As a talent acquisition team, you are the gatekeeper of talent for your organization. And when you match the right people with the right jobs, you move the needle on all kinds of post-hire metrics, like employee engagement, manager satisfaction, burnout—and ultimately—turnover.

Knock out your top drivers of turnover

You’ll have a huge impact on turnover when you stop filling vacancies and get strategic about hiring and developing the right talent.

Poor job or culture fit?

Screen out poor matches early in the hiring process

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Poor relationship with managers or team members?

Hire better leaders and improve team dynamics

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No development or growth opportunities?

Put high potentials on the fast-track to success

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American Airlines

We have 7,000 emerging leaders that we’re equipping to lead the other 100,000 employees in our organization.

-Director of Talent Development

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Acceptance Insurance

The time saved was phenomenal. Recruiters were spending up to two hours per day identifying potential candidates, then that number dropped to zero.

-VP of Talent Acquisition and Development

Case Study: 10 Day Improvement in Time to Hire

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

Turnover is very tough in the restaurant business, but within just 6 months of using assessments, we saw big reductions in turnover.

-Chief People Officer

Case Study: $5.2M in Sales and Turnover Savings

Hiring in a High-Turnover Retail Industry

“Comparing employees who have been assessed to employees who haven’t gone through the assessment process, we’ve seen a decrease in turnover that’s now at 38%.”

Reduce turnover with a proven talent strategy

Using assessments, analytics, and other talent solutions, you’ll reduce flight risk by building a culture of happy, well-adjusted employees.



Get the right match every time

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Drive meaningful interviews across your organization

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Simplify your reference checking process

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Boost new hire performance and engagement

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Fuel your employees’ long-term success

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Optimize business performance

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Need help tackling your turnover problem?

We help customers improve employee retention, especially in high-turnover industries.

Restaurant and Hospitality average turnover:


Healthcare average turnover:


Finance and Insurance average turnover:


Get to the root of the problem: Our Talent Solutions team will analyze your turnover trends, then provide recommendations for fast fixes and long-term solutions.

Learn more about Turnover Insights.

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