Video Tutorials


This library covers a wide range of user topics including product demos, basic features and advanced controls. Step-by-step you can walk you through the software at your own pace.

Product Overviews

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail ChequedFit™ – A trait based pre-employment assessment that quickly identifies the best candidates for a position and company

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail ChequedInterview™ – A structured, behavioral interviewing guide. It is integrated into all other components of our Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, and can be accessed through both ChequedFit™, and ChequedReference™.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail ChequedReference™ – Automated reference checking collects detailed, candid feedback from past employers quickly and easily.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail ChequedSuite™ – Assessment, interview, reference checking and analytics together on a simple user interface provides the MOST PREDICTIVE talent selection process on the market.

The Basics

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Basics of Navigation – Basic navigation and tools. Using products is easy!

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Creating Positions – Create positions to begin using your account.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Inviting Candidates – Enter candidates quickly and efficiently.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Sorting and Monitoring Candidates – Find, organize, and monitor your candidates.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail The Chequed Report – Basic overview and functions of the Report. You will learn how to access the candidate report, their score, and how to print or share the report.


Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Viewing and Creating Mandatory Companywide Questions – Review, edit and add company-wide interview questions in addition to the science based ones provided by

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Configuring and Launching Interviews – Plan your interview before you launch it.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Sorting Interviews – Learn how to keep track of multiple ongoing interviews.

Chequedcom-Overview-intro-slide-thumbnail Exploring the ChequedInterview Report – Explore end to end the ChequedInterview™ report.


Impact Administrator – Leverage the ChequedImpact™ administrator functionality to gain insight into your organizations hiring workflow!

Quickstart to Evaluation Planner – Provide quick and easy feedback on new hires!

Quickstart to Recruiter – Adding ChequedImpact™ into your daily routine will take you less than 30 seconds a day!

Newton Integration

Linking Chequed and Newton – Link your Newton opening with its Chequed Assessment in less than two minutes!

Viewing the Chequed Report in Newton – Learn where the Chequed Report lives in the Newton Candidate Profile and how to access it.