"We knew we had good leaders. We needed to make them great."
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Employee Development


Our integrated approach identifies, develops, and measures your candidates’ and employees’ potential for success. It all begins by defining job success – specifically the competencies needed for success in the job. Once defined, OutMatch helps you assess your candidates, whether a new hire or an existing employee. At the time of the interview, OutMatch delivers competency-based, scorable interview guides so you interview for past behavior.

The next step is online reference checking to collect detailed, candid feedback from past employers and colleagues quickly and easily. Once hired, employee development is crucial to your company’s success. Using OutMatch, you can identify skill gaps, intellectual abilities, performance levels, development progress, and succession needs. Throughout this entire process, you gain a deeper understanding of candidates and employees because you continually measure their performance and impact.

Develop Existing Talent

It is crucial to make employee development part of your integrated human capital strategy. Particularly in today’s data- and performance-driven world, it is imperative to develop existing talent with a focus on business objectives and growth opportunities. Using employee development solutions from OutMatch, enables you to grow and develop your people for winning performance and a winning culture.

OutMatch employee development solutions evaluate work-related personality, intellectual abilities, and other factors influencing job-specific competencies. We help you identify skill gaps, performance levels, and development progress.

Develop Your Existing Leaders and Leaders of Tomorrow

Your current employees and leaders are the core of your business. Developing them is critical for the future success of your business. Do you know who will drive your business in the future? Succession planning anticipates changing business needs and ensures continued strength over time. At OutMatch, we help you identify the roles critical to business success. Once identified, OutMatch talent experts work with you and your team to proactively groom the right individuals to fill those roles.

The key to succession planning is to start by examining all levels of the business, identifying the critical and difficult-to-fill positions, then:

  • Define competencies required for those roles
  • Identify top performers with potential to fill key roles using specialized assessments
  • Evaluate current talent and address missing competencies with development plans
  • Track development to ensure top performers are progressing

Hire and Develop Executives More Effectively Using Assessments, Simulations, and Coaching

When it comes to hiring executives or creating executive development programs, the stakes are high and the investment is usually significant. For both executive selection and development, we offer an innovative, technology-based model and a more traditional model based in your offices or ours. Regardless of location, we use realistic and engaging work simulations to demonstrate leadership ability. Our expert assessors observe candidates in a simulated work environment where they reveal their skills by assuming a leadership role in a fictitious company.

For executive selection, OutMatch assessments empower you and your executive team to make better hiring choices using objective data and a thorough decision-making dialogue.

  • Detailed profile of each candidate based on objective measures
  • Data-driven, position-specific analytics with direct recommendations regarding “fit”
  • Expedient reporting by experienced assessors
  • Integration of assessment feedback into subsequent assimilation and development

We use the same intensive, data-driven assessment process for executive development programs that we use for selection programs. Often, coaches use the data from the successful candidate’s executive selection assessment to help the new leader and the organization synchronize from the beginning. This enables both the executive and the organization to

  • Accelerate integration and increase the speed to competence and performance
  • Identify key strengths and growth opportunities
  • Gather feedback for effective self-management and accountability
  • Improve team interaction for faster, easier problem resolution

Gather Constructive Feedback and Discover Key Areas for Professional Growth

How others perceive you is often more the reality than how you see yourself. The OutMatch 360-degree feedback provides a lens through which your employees can become more aware of their strengths and opportunity areas and their impact on others.

With a focus on behaviors and business-driven leadership competencies, the OutMatch 360-degree feedback provides balanced feedback of how others view your employees’ performance and contribution to the organization.

Measure the Impact of Your Talent Acquisition Process

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. And measuring talent acquisition success was a challenge. Until now. ChequedImpact™ empowers your talent acquisition team by providing them with accurate, early-stage analysis of the success of the hiring process and the engagement of your company’s newly hired employees.

Because the OutMatch platform integrates assessment, interview, reference checking, and employee development, it is possible to measure and analyze the impact of your hiring efforts.


  • Automated surveys collect early-stage, post-hire information from the hiring manager and other key stakeholders – as well as the new employee
  • The process, triggered at an interval you choose, gathers feedback on multiple critical data points like satisfaction with training and consistency of position with expectations (from the new employee), and culture fit (from the hiring manager)


  • Post survey reports provide a rounded view of the employee’s initial experience and success at adapting to the job
  • An easy to understand dashboard allows you to see what’s really happening
  • Which recruiters have the magic touch?
  • What are the sources of top new hires?
  • What’s the return on investment in your talent selection process?


  • Refine new employees’ onboarding experience for maximum engagement
  • Focus on the candidate sources that provide the most successful new hires
  • Improve your recruiting brand
  • Demonstrate by-the-numbers value of your talent acquisition team