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Frontline Managers

Mid-Level Managers

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Get Strategic about Succession & Development

Fast-track high potentials

Use objective, future-oriented metrics to identify high potential talent.

Make smarter succession decisions

Avoid the trap of using current performance to predict future success.

Measure potential and readiness

See the difference between “high potential” and “ready now.”

Get your leaders ready faster

Empower successors with targeted coaching and development support. 

"We knew we had good leaders. We needed to make them great."

- Director of HR, National Office Furniture

Raise the Bar with Data-Driven Leadership Solutions


Innate traits and abilities that measure potential


NEW VIRTUAL! – Demonstration of skills and readiness

360 Feedback

Others’ observations of key behaviors

Expert Interview

Behavioral, experience-based

Selection Guidance

Job fit guides, hiring recommendations, and debrief with the hiring manager

Development Feedback

Action planning and targeted coaching with the participant

Group Analytics

Strengths and gaps of your leadership team, and guidance on where to invest

Quality of Hire

Placing high potentials at the right level of leadership

Performance Improvements

Tracking behavioral changes that impact job performance

Business Growth

Empowering successors, rather than assigning replacements

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How to layer data-driven strategies to fuel your
strongest leadership pipeline

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  • When it comes to succession decisions, managers get it wrong 60 % of the time.


  • 70% of high performers lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles.

    Harvard Business Review

  • Turnover at the executive level can cost more than 2X the employee’s salary (213%).

    Center for American Progress

  • The cost of turnover increases exponentially for leadership level jobs.

    Center for American Progress

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