Employee Development
Continuous growth and development for a thriving business

Hiring the best match for the job is step one. Now it’s time to support, inspire, and accelerate employee success by providing continuous opportunities for growth.

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Primanti Bro’s.

“We have a high percentage of internal promotions, which speaks to our ability to grow talent. The assessment results help us understand an individual’s potential and strengths and weaknesses so that we can align succession and development plans accordingly.”

-Director of Human Resources, Primanti Bro’s.

American Airlines

“The combination of 360 and personality feedback is so powerful for individual development that we’re going to extend it beyond our high potential program and use it more broadly for development.”

-Director of Talent Development, American Airlines

American Blue Ribbon Holdings

“We’re investing in our people, and we’re seeing the results—we’re a strong same-store sales company, and a lot of it is because of our people.”

-Chief People Officer, American Blue Ribbon Holdings (ABRH)

Maximize Success for Every Employee

  • Empower employees to reach their full potential—now and in future roles
  • Keep your top performers engaged, challenged, and moving upward
  • Accelerate success with strategically-aligned development programs
  • Identify emerging leaders and select the very best to lead your company

Successful development isn’t an every-now-and-then event. It’s continuous, career-long support that starts on day one and continues for as long as your employees stay with your company.

OutMatch helps you create a culture of continuous growth and development by providing behavioral data and personalized guidance at critical points in the employee lifecycle.

  • Ongoing Coaching & Development
    • Onboarding
    • Promotion
    • Leadership Prep


A commitment to employee success starts with a solid understanding of strengths and gaps—on an individual level, and across your entire workforce.

Through assessments, leadership simulations, and more, OutMatch provides the data to power your development programs and build an effective strategy for fast-tracking high potentials, retaining top talent, and choosing the right successors for your company.

Individual insight:

  • Action items to boost performance in current and future roles
  • Personalized career tracks and development plans for long-term success

Aggregate insight:

  • Behavioral data to match high potentials with promotion opportunities
  • Benchstrength and gap analysis to support succession planning

Need help building a development program or defining critical competencies for leadership? Our Talent Solutions Team is here to help.

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