When considering someone for hire, you look at their past experience. You look at their current skillset. But are you also looking at their potential for success in the future? Personality data unlocks a whole new world of insight—telling you how likely someone is to fit in your culture, what motivates them to achieve results, and what their career growth might look like in your company. Using benchmarks and research of more than 50 million job candidates across industries, we know what personalities work best for every type of job.

See what makes a great executive, a great manager, a great salesperson, and more by checking out our “Personality of “series below.

Personality of a Great HR Leader

When you’re looking for HR leaders, do you know who has what it takes to spearhead a talent strategy that will drive revenue and growth in your organization?

The wrong choice could cost you, because this person steers hiring and development decisions for your entire company. Find out how to select the best HR leader in this infographic.

Personality of a Great Retail Manager

It’s not coincidence that top performing retail managers are great at driving sales and anticipating customer needs. That’s because successful store leaders share certain personality traits that make them a natural fit for the retail world.

Want to know which personality traits are most important to success? Find out in this infographic.

Personality of a Great Manager

Managers can make or break the productivity of teams, or entire business units. But what separates the goods from the greats?

Learn how to spot a natural, or the type of manager who will promote high levels of achievement, encourage employee growth, and more in this infographic.

Personality of a Great Executive

Who deserves the next C-level spot in your organization? A high-performing manager or director? Maybe—or maybe not.

In this infographic, find out how to choose the right people for your most critical leadership positions.

Personality of a Great Restaurant Manager

Your team of GMs, assistant managers, and kitchen managers are key to each restaurant location’s success. But hire poorly, and the store’s performance will suffer.

Ready to turn average or low-performing stores into rockstars? Learn what makes a great restaurant manager, and you’ll make a great hire every time.

Personality of a Great Hospitality Manager

Not everyone is cut out to run hotels, host excursions, or manage tourist attractions. Others excel at it.

Who will be great and who will far short? Find out what makes up the “hospitality gene” in this infographic.

Personality of a Perfect Salesperson

What good is a quota if 2 out of 5 of your salespeople can’t hit it? As a recruiter or hiring manager, you need to know who’s going to crush it and who’s going to struggle—before you bring them on board.

See the 7 essential traits that help salespeople close the deal in this infographic.