Generational Differences: The Newest Way to Justify a Bad Hire in Retail


Imagine you’re walking into a clothing store. You notice there’s no one at the front of the store to greet you, but continue on looking for some clothes that you heard were on sale. When you find a shirt that you want but it’s on a high shelf, you scan the store looking for someone to assist you when you see a handful of employees, all in their mid-20’s, huddled around talking to each other, and not paying attention to customers.

“I guess this is what happens when you hire a bunch of Millennials,” you think, before you finally have to break up their conversation to get the help you need.

But what if they weren’t paying attention to you not because they’re Millennials, but because they’re just poor hires?

Learn how to hire right without focusing on the “differences” in generations. Assessing job candidates based on the traits and behaviors that make a person successful in a role not only guarantees best fit for the position, but also keeps distractions like generational differences at bay.


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