"Selecting the right talent…there’s nothing more important."
VP of Recruiting
- Hyatt Hotels and Resorts -

Talent Selection


Our integrated approach identifies, develops, and measures your candidates’ and employees’ potential for success. It all begins by defining job success – specifically the competencies needed for success in the job. Once defined, OutMatch helps you assess your candidates, whether a new hire or an existing employee. At the time of the interview, OutMatch delivers competency-based, scorable interview guides so you interview for past behavior.

The next step is online reference checking to collect detailed, candid feedback from past employers and colleagues quickly and easily. Once hired, employee development is crucial to your company’s success. Using OutMatch, you can identify skill gaps, intellectual abilities, performance levels, development progress, and succession needs. Throughout this entire process, you gain a deeper understanding of candidates and employees because you continually measure their performance and impact.

Confident Hiring Decisions Start with Assessments

Hiring the right employees is essential—yet it can be difficult to reveal the hidden traits of winning candidates. Using assessments help you see those traits clearly, including a candidate’s innate characteristics, intellectual abilities, and learned skills. You can then compare the candidate’s results to your organization’s success model and achieve a more successful match rate between the right candidates and the right jobs, including job role, company, and culture.

OutMatch assessment solutions such as Assess, Select, and ChequedFitTM identify and prioritize candidates who are the right matches for positions ranging from hourly to entry-level management, and individual contributor to executive. These highly predictive assessments have been validated across a variety of industries, including restaurant, retail, hospitality, and sales.

OutMatch assessment reports provide insightful layers of predictive and descriptive feedback. Assessment results are available to you and your hiring managers immediately upon completion by a candidate or employee. And, OutMatch assessments, and other parts of the platform, integrate into HRIS and ATS systems that you currently use.

Drive a Consistent and Scalable Interview Process across Your Company

The interview process shouldn’t be subjective and mysterious, especially after you start using assessments to identify best-fit candidates. As part of the OutMatch platform, ChequedInterviewTM combines cloud-based technology and world class behavioral data analytics to deliver a job and culture-fit scorable interview process throughout your company. Simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to understand, ChequedInterview drives unprecedented interview quality and better hires to your company.

  • Identify great performers rather than candidates great at interviewing
  • Reduce time to hire by capturing real-time feedback from hiring managers
  • Enhance the candidate experience through consistency and the rigor of the interview process
  • Promote interviewer collaboration through multi-rater interview scores
  • Reduce your legal risk and increase compliance through consistent interviews across positions, job families, etc.

Collect Detailed, Candid Feedback Using Predictive Online Reference Checking

Now that you have collected assessment and interview data from your candidate, it is time to deepen your insight using online reference checking. ChequedReference™ is the advanced pre-employment screening tool that automates pre-employment reference checking. We combine this with leading behavioral science, making your screening and hiring process predictive for better candidate selection.

Combining world-class behavioral science and scalable technology, ChequedReference™ provides a fully automated, predictive, and easy to use pre-employment reference check.

Clients using ChequedReference have:

  • Reduced the time needed to check references by over 90%
  • Boosted reference provider completion rates to over 80%
  • Improved their recruitment brand
  • Enhance the candidate experience through consistency and rigor

Measure the Impact of Your Talent Acquisition Process

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. And measuring talent acquisition success has been a challenge. Until now. ChequedImpact™ empowers your talent acquisition team by providing them with accurate, early-stage analysis of the success of the hiring process and the engagement of your company’s newly hired employees.

Because the OutMatch platform integrates assessment, interview, reference checking, and employee development, it is possible to measure and analyze the impact of your hiring efforts.


  • Automated surveys collect early-stage, post-hire information from the hiring manager and other key stakeholders – as well as the new employee
  • The process, triggered at an interval you choose, gathers feedback on multiple critical data points, like satisfaction with training, fulfillment of new employee expectations, and new employee culture fit


  • Post survey reports provide a rounded view of the employee’s initial experience and success at adapting to the job
  • An easy to understand dashboard allows you to see what’s really happening
  • Which recruiters have the magic touch?
  • What are the sources of top new hires?
  • What’s the return on investment in your talent selection process?


  • Refine new employees’ onboarding experience for maximum engagement
  • Improve multiple critical data points, like satisfaction with training, fulfillment of new employee expectations, and new employee culture fit
  • Demonstrate by-the-numbers value of your talent acquisition team