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Integration Overview

Companies using Oracle’s Taleo Business Edition ATS can now seamlessly integrate’s automated reference checking application – ChequedReference™ into their hiring process.  The integration provides simple communication to candidates and their references, without ever leaving the Taleo environment. Once a reference report is available, the user simply opens and reviews it from within their Taleo software.

Download the pdf here. 

Integration Benefits

  • Invite candidates to start the reference-check process with a single click.
  • Inform a candidate that a reference hasn’t replied and suggest a reminder, or a replacement.
  • Open, view, print, and download the easy-to-understand candidate reference report.
  • Access archived reference check results directly from Taleo.
  • Compile reference completion times for auditing purposes.

About ChequedReference™

ChequedReference™ is an online reference-checking tool that automates the reference checking process, improves overall talent selection, and gives clients better insight into candidates’ past performance. It improves hiring consistency for superior compliance, and enhances recruitment brand. And, because it’s built on assessment-based logic, references provide objective information about your candidate that’s based on success criteria and competencies.

ChequedReference™ improves your hiring process in many ways:

  • Up to 90% reduction in time needed to check your candidate’s references.
  • Ability to measure your candidate’s potential across multiple dimensions.
  • Significant decrease in bad hires.
  • More powerful recruiting brand.

What ChequedReference™ Clients Have to Say:

“Without the ChequedReference™ input, we probably would not have had such candid feedback from a previous employer, and we also would not have been able to expose the fact that this candidate now lied to us about his current employment and the conditions under which he has left companies in the past.  ChequedReference™ is just another great tool that we have available to us for evaluating the best possible candidates for our teams.  Just thought I’d share this experience that we had today in hopes that it helps another recruiter!”

– Recruiting and Development Professional in the Telecommunications industry

“We implemented ChequedReference™ for purely tactical reasons, specifically to save time, but immediately saw the strategic value of the candid feedback and much richer information we were able to get with an automated system.”

– Michele Hanson, Director, Talent Acquistion, Learning Care Group, Inc.

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