The first and only Hiring Experience Stack

We composed a layer of assessments, video interviewing and reference checking to humanize the hiring process at scale. Just stack it right on top of your ATS.

Radically different from disjointed solutions of the past

It’s more important than ever to deliver a humanized hiring process for every candidate. But even organizations that do a great job of hiring aren’t creating a great experience for a vast majority of candidates. That’s why Outmatch created the Hiring Experience Stack.

Change the story of your hiring experience

The Hiring Experience Stack

Outmatch isn’t the disjointed mashup of add-on software that prioritizes task efficiency over a holistic experience that you’re used to. The Hiring Experience Stack is a new category that thoughtfully brings together products that drive an amazing hiring experience.

Old way

A disjointed mashup of add-on software that prioritizes task efficiency over the holistic experience and dehumanizes the process.


New way

Composition of products that are layered onto your ATS to let the candidate drive and creates a good experience for everyone.


Let the candidate drive through Outmatch’s automated hiring workflow. We easily stack on to your existing ATS, giving you a holistic data story and measuring the impact of a better hiring experience. Save up to 40% on costs with 25x ROI on every dollar spent using the Hiring Experience Stack.

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Candidate-driven products orchestrated for a better experience


Create rich, engaging hiring assessments to get the data you need without compromising the candidate experience.

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Humanize the phone screen black hole by letting candidates tell their story.

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Improve the experience for references, candidates and recruiters — with better data and better results.

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Webinar: Create the candidate experience of your dreams without changing your ATS

See how one company transformed their slow, process-heavy hiring experience into one that’s more humane and authentic to their culture. From shortening the overall process to reducing hiring attrition by 90%, it’s a key example of how companies should let the candidate drive the hiring process.

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See our candidate-driven workflow in action

Reimagine your hiring experience with Outmatch and create value for all candidates while optimizing the process for your organization and recruiters.

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