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South Dakota Based Financial Services Organization

South Dakota Based Financial Services Organization

Background: This company provides credit and credit cards to millions of customers nationwide. They have a large population of call center employees (1,500+) across customer service and collections roles.

Problem: This company faced two major challenges: low unemployment rate and high competition with other call centers in the area, which made it difficult to secure top talent. They also needed a way to determine if candidates would be better suited for customer service or collections, as these roles require different personality types and skill sets.

Solution: The company began the process of vetting assessment vendors and were referred to OutMatch by Ultimate Software, their new ATS provider. Other assessment vendors they were considering didn’t have an integration with UltiPro, which was key factor in the buying decision. The company also appreciated that our assessment took less time for candidates to complete (10-12 minutes versus 30-50 minutes with other vendors). They look forward to using our assessments and tailored interview questions to get a better perspective on candidates and find the right fit.

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