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2017 OutMatcher Of The Year: Neelima Annam
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As we wrapped up an especially big year here at OutMatch, our employees cast their votes for the 2017 OutMatcher of the Year. This is a person we recognize at the end of each year for their passion, dedication, and above-and-beyond work. Our 2017 winner has all of those things, and more.

Congratulations to Neelima Annam, Director of Software Delivery!

Neelima manages the technology team that’s responsible for all of the development on the OutMatch platform. This an incredibly important role that involves planning, managing, and delivering new functionality to help our clients transform their world of work. Neelima does this with incredible care, unwavering focus, and an upbeat, always-willing-to-help attitude.

OutMatcher of the Year Award

Our 2016 winner, Casey Johnson, Senior Research Scientist, passed the torch to Neelima after a exciting year of innovation and transformation. It’s no coincidence that our 2017 winner works on the technology side of the business. 2017 marked a breakthrough year for OutMatch with the launch of the OutMatch Platform, which Neelima was instrumental in developing. This new platform delivers predictive talent analytics in a sleek, easy-to-use interface, plus it integrates seamlessly with applicant tracking systems and provides mobile-optimized assessments that candidates can complete in less than 7 minutes—3X faster than industry average!

These accomplishments were absolutely a team effort, but Neelima served as a beacon of OutMatch values, and stood out to all of us as the most deserving recipient of the 2017 OutMatcher of the Year award.

Here are a few of the things our fellow OutMatchers had to say about Neelima:

Neelima continues to corral, support, and organize our teams to success. Her patience and dedication are inspiring.

There are many people who work hard and contribute at a very high level on my team, but Neelima sets the bar for living our values.”

Neelima consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, caring for others, and representation of all good things that OutMatch is about.”

Want to work with rockstars like Neelima? Learn more about us and look for jobs that might be right for you on the OutMatch Careers site.

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