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A good recruiter knows people. A great recruiter knows how to meet people. With a smile, some classy attire, and a little boost from the awesome technology of the iPhone 5, any recruiter can bridge the gap between just ok and really magnificent. Here are three apps to help you get your edge and boost your source pool.


With a motto of “always be local,” this app might not appear as a great recruiting tool, but in actuality it’s a great device for finding the happening spots wherever you may be. Based on your phones GPS, Aloqa points out interesting places and events that are going on near you. This is especially useful for the recruiter on the go because it can often be difficult to find the local hideouts over the touristy places. By checking out Aloqa hot spots, you’re more apt to find the types of movers and shakers you want to employ.


Specifically designed with recruiters in mind, this app features more than 25 million professional profiles from countries all over the world – and is growing at a rate of 3 users every second. Integrated with the 900 million users of Facebook, this network allows recruiters to peruse profiles quickly and meaningfully through RecruitConnect. What’s more, you can tap into your existing top performers’ connections to see what other A-players they may know.


You never know who might be sitting at the table across from you when you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee at the corner café. Highlight makes it easier to connect with those around you by tapping into your Facebook interests. After logging in, a list of those nearby will pop up, and those whose interests overlap your own will be highlighted. You can text them an initial introduction and even look into their other connections. In essence, you can say “buh-bye” to awkward hello’s.

By getting out and about and meeting people, recruiters can proactively pipeline candidates even before they have a position that they know the candidate will fit in. By utilizing these three apps to capitalize on networking opportunities, talent managers will certainly have less difficulty filling their job vacancies.

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