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4 Ways To Keep Qualified Candidates On The Hook
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We talk to talent acquisition teams all the time, and most of them say that qualified candidates dropping off is one of their top concerns. They don’t want to lose potential stars to things like a poor application process or an inconsistent employer brand. So what can you do?

1. Step into the candidates’ shoes: The majority of candidates will quit the application process if it’s too long or complex. In most cases, if you respect your candidates’ time, you’re going to get higher completion rates. You also want to send some type of communication letting them know you’ve received their application. Many companies use an automated email that says something like: “Thank you for submitting your application.” If possible, also include information on next steps and what to expect, then follow up to let them know the status of their application. Also, letting candidates know when the job has been closed out is a small courtesy that can have a big impact on your brand.

2. Test the application process. Sometimes the process can be fragmented with different systems powering different parts of the application. Have you actually gone through the full process from start to finish? Testing the process for flow, information accuracy, brand consistency, time, etc. is important. Work out any kinks you find and be sure to go back and test on a regular basis.

3. Keep them in your talent network. If a candidate isn’t hired, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a poor fit for your company. They might be a great fit in another department or another role. When you can, provide some feedback on why they didn’t get the job, and let them know about other opportunities in your organization. This will help keep candidates in your funnel so you can source directly from your qualified talent community. Who knows—a runner-up candidate could come back to be your next great hire!

4. Find out what candidates are saying. Another way to uncover a potential problems with your candidate experience is to hear directly from those who’ve been through it. Candidates often share their experiences online, so start with a Google search, go on Glassdoor, and browse different message boards to get a sense of what qualified candidates are saying about your recruitment process. You may find that a certain part of the process is causing grief or not meeting expectations, and you can make targeted improvements to greatly enhance the overall experience.

Are you ready to ramp up your candidate experience? It will pay off in the long run. To learn more, watch our webinar: Employment Brand, Candidate Experience, and How to Gain Competitive Edge.

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