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7 Top Traits Of The Perfect Salesperson

Have you ever wondered what drives salespeople to sell? Mostly, it comes down to personality. Here are a few keys traits that really make a salesperson shine:

  1. Ambiversion: You’ve heard of introversion and extroversion, but is it possible to fall right in the middle? Absolutely. An ambivalent is someone with balance of introverted and extroverted qualities, so they’re just as happy telling stories at a party as they are reading a book by a fire. These folks tend to be top sellers.
  2. Ego Drive. Closing the deal is important. People who are driven by ego have a strong desire to accomplish tasks.
  3. Empathy. Relating to others is another important part of closing the deal. Salespeople have to understand where the customer is coming from before they can address their needs and make the sale.
  4. Grit. People with grit have the ability to stick to it, even when things get tough. A study by the Bridge Group, a sales consulting firm, found that people with high grit are more likely to meet or exceed their sales quota than people with low grit.
  5. Optimism. A sunny outlook drives sales success. A case study by MetLife found that consultants with high optimism sell between 37% and 88% more insurance than their peers. As a result, they no longer hire people who score low on optimism.
  6. Conscientiousness. Being careful and meticulous are character traits that make up conscientiousness. These people have a reputation for sticking to their goals and sell at higher volumes than those who don’t. They’re also more highly rated by their supervisors.
  7. Learning Goal Orientation. With a desire to improve skills on a continual basis, salespeople with a learning goal orientation are sales stars who always strive to do and get better. In fact, a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology proves it.

You can always look at your sales numbers from last quarter, but can you predict who your top sellers will be in the future? As you build out your sales teams, make sure you’re measuring the traits and qualities that are proven to lead to success in sales.

Check out this infographic from NextGen Leads to learn about 7 essential traits for sales success:

The Personality of a Perfect Salesperson

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