Give every candidate the VIP experience they deserve

Outmatch enables recruiters to create an exceedingly efficient on-brand candidate experience with assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking. Never miss a great candidate with the Hiring Experience Stack.

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Following Acquisition, Outmatch rebrands as Harver to Lead Digital Transformation in Volume Hiring Globally

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The Candidate Driven Hiring Experience Stack

Outmatch helps recruiting teams give more candidates a chance and delivers a personalized hiring experience – so they can hire better candidates, reduce time to hire, and automate redundant tasks for a better employer brand.

Old way

A disjointed mashup for add-on software that creates massive inefficiencies and ruins your employer brand.


New way

A candidate-driven platform that integrates with your ATS so you can automate and scale great candidate experience and deliver better hiring outcomes.


Let the candidate drive through Outmatch’s automated hiring workflow. We easily stack on to your existing ATS, giving you a holistic data story and measuring the impact of a better hiring experience. Save up to 40% on costs with 25x ROI on every dollar spent using the Hiring Experience Stack.

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Candidate-driven products built for an efficient hiring experience

Deliver an on-brand hiring experience that's exceedingly efficient with assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking. Never miss a great candidate with the Hiring Experience Stack from Outmatch.


Engage candidates immediately with powerful talent and pre-hire assessments.

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Save time and reduce back and forth with automated scheduling and video interviewing

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Reference Checking

Improve the experience for references and accelerate the offer with automated reference checks.

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Webinar: Create the candidate experience of your dreams without changing your ATS

See how one company transformed their slow, process-heavy hiring experience into one that’s more humane and authentic to their culture. From shortening the overall process to reducing hiring attrition by 90%, it’s a key example of how companies should let the candidate drive the hiring process.

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See our candidate-driven workflow in action

Reimagine your hiring experience with Outmatch and create value for all candidates while optimizing the process for your organization and recruiters.

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