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So, you’ve interviewed, screened and cross-interviewed the seemingly “perfect” candidate, and now it’s time to check references (menacing music ensues).  The old-fashioned approach of making a few phone calls is, quite simply, out.  It’s time consuming, typically involving at least one round of phone tag. It can be a perceived liability to the reference provider, and it is usually completely unproductive.

Additionally, all of the information has to be manually disseminated throughout the organization. As a result, many firms have done away with reference checking altogether. This is a shame because reference checking is potentially the most valuable data-gathering activity available for gaining candidate insight.

So much more information could be gained if the process was easy, automated and anonymous. ChequedReference™  does just that.

With the solution, a candidate-initiated email invitation is sent to the reference provider asking them to complete an online questionnaire.  All of the results are kept anonymous so the provider does not feel impeded by a fear of being liable for truthful statements made about the candidate. Should a reference fail to complete the questionnaire in a timely manner, automated reminders can be sent on a scheduled basis.

After at least three of the five+ references provided have completed the questionnaire, hiring managers are provided a simple chart depicting the candidate’s competencies in more than a dozen job-relevant areas.

As mentioned in the previous postings in this series, the only way hiring managers can hire the best talent is by asking the right questions for the job. This is no different in the reference checking process.  By using behavioral science and the advice of internal I/O psychologists, uses a scientifically developed questionnaire to ask the right questions.

Utilizing an automated reference checking system, as opposed to the old-fashioned phone call or simply no reference check at all, will reap much more insight into a candidate’s performance. As a matter of fact, utilizing automation reaps most firms a +80% completion rate, as opposed to the 25% completion rate via phone call. Additionally, because the automated process is candidate-driven and initiated through only a few clicks of the mouse, the completion time is only two minutes, and the results are unbiased, objective and job-relevant.


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