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The leaders over at Sarah White & Associates, who run HRtechblog, recently teemed up with Wowzer, a video interviewing provider, to investigate just how costly recruiting can be. While their official report hasn’t yet been published, some of their findings have been made available through a groovy infographic.

Naturally, the results place a significant emphasis on the benefit of using video interviewing in the interviewing process – which we think is a great idea too – but there are other results that especially grabbed our attention. For instance, the average recruiter is sifting through 3,102 resumes at any given time, and only 28% of those recruiters are employing any level of candidate management technology.  When combined with the subjective vulnerabilities and time-consumption of old-fashioned candidate screening, the organizational costs really begin to add up!

In essence, many of the same arguments that support the use of video conferencing technology are also highly applicable to the use of automated candidate assessment and reference checking technology – a consistent process, an improvement in efficiency, and reducing pre-hire uncertainty. So, we’ve decided to share their results. Plus, we just really like infographics.

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