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You depend on your people to drive your company’s mission and purpose. Who you hire, how you develop them, and how you care for your culture are THE MOST important decisions you can make for the future of your business.

OutMatch helps you put a strategy around these decisions. By truly understanding your candidates, your culture, and the underlying behaviors that drive employee success, you can expect to see an average workforce transformed into a high-growth, high-performance company.

The transformation begins by infusing behavioral data and predictive models into your talent strategy. OutMatch’s predictive talent and culture analytics fully equip you to make the best possible decisions about your people, from hiring and development to leadership and culture.

OutMatch delivers nearly 20 million scientifically-proven employment assessments each year at over 200,000 client locations worldwide. This unparalleled data set provides a competitive edge in predicting candidate success on the job, empowering employees to reach their full potential, and strengthening alignment with your company’s unique CultureDNA™.

Some of the world’s most iconic brands count on OutMatch to accelerate company growth, increase employee performance, and enrich their customer experiences. The innovative OutMatch Platform, coupled with our team of world-class talent experts, makes OutMatch the partner of choice for large, people-focused organizations, including American Airlines, 7-Eleven, Brinker International, HCA Healthcare, and many others.

OutMatch, transforming the world of work.

Executive Team

Greg Moran
President & Chief Executive Officer
Zack Birkelbach
Chief Customer Officer
Jason Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer
Chris Gardner
Chief Technology Officer
Jim Trimarco
Chief Sales Officer
Oliver Staehelin
Chief Financial Officer
Imo Udom
Chief Product and Strategy Officer
Robin Stenzel
Chief Solutions Officer
Layne Deutscher
Chief Legal Officer
George Ehinger
VP of Corporate Development
Keith McCook, Ph.D.
VP of Talent Analytics
Marie Montgomery
VP of Finance
Brad A. Palmer
VP of Sales
Olivia Salas, M.A.
VP of Solution Delivery
Kelly McGrath
Kelly Ann McGrath
VP of Enterprise Client Success
Alicia Seager
Director of People and Culture

Our Guiding Principles

Build Bridges

Our success as colleagues, clients, and partners determines my success at OutMatch. Bridges enable us to cross chasms, meet face to face, experience new ways of being, and help others do the same.

Pack Light, Travel Fast

Pack just what you need, and unpack the things that weigh you down. Simplify, and keep moving. Learning what to pack and what not to pack is critical. While we absolutely honor the past, we need to focus on future growth without legacy baggage.

Sherpa Attitude

This is servant leadership at its finest. Equal parts selflessness and helpfulness, preparation and foresight, ownership and agency. This is the attitude that solves problems and celebrates others’ success.

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to helping enrich the lives of others through company donation to charitable organizations like these: