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Businesses around the world continue to have the same workforce problems – hiring the wrong people, low employee engagement, high staff turnover, and ineffective employee development. Why do these problems still exist? Because companies continue to hire and invest in employees who are a poor match for their jobs. Poor matches result in poorly performing companies.

OutMatch solves these problems by giving you actionable workforce analytics driven from candidate assessments. Our scientifically proven methods deliver the data that truly predicts employee performance.

Some of the most iconic brands in the world count on OutMatch to identify the right people – the absolute best match for their jobs, and develop those people into stellar employees. Those stellar employees in turn are more engaged, drive improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

OutMatch, transforming the world of work.

Executive Team

Greg Moran
President & Chief Executive Officer
Gary Ito
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Gardner
Chief Technology Officer
Jason Ferrara
Chief Marketing Officer
Zack Birkelbach
Vice President, Client Success
Sarah Glass, M.A.
Vice President, Talent Solutions
Brad P
Brad A. Palmer
Vice President, Sales

Our Values

Believe it!

Our mission is to improve careers and drive improved business outcomes by helping companies hire and develop their talent. We care intensely about accomplishing this mission.

Own it!

We act and make decisions with a sense of urgency and tenacity. We focus on producing great results and having a positive impact on our business and our clients’ businesses every day.

Improve it!

We are never satisfied. We have the desire to grow and improve ourselves, our team, and our technology solutions. We are curious, open-minded, and data-driven with the goal of disrupting the status quo.

Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to helping enrich the lives of others through company donation to charitable organizations like these:

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