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Why OutMatch

When it comes to talent acquisition and talent management, no other HR tech provider does what we do

Our Predictive Talent Platform provides a suite of technology you won’t find anywhere else. Whether your focus is recruitment and talent acquisition or succession planning and leadership development, our solutions – which align with the employee lifecycle – help you make the best possible decisions about your talent.

Sleek, modern technology

Technology is all about providing experiences – and ours is designed to do just that. Whether you’re a candidate applying for a job, a recruiter looking for top talent, or an employee seeking development, you’ll see that our solutions provide the best experiences for everyone. The result is better applicant flow, happier users, and greater adoption of the tools that will improve talent across your organization.

30 years of behavioral science research

Our behavioral science background gives you an edge in understanding your people, your culture, and the behaviors that drive organizational success. It also ensures that your predictive technology is built on sound science and proven business outcomes. Thanks to decades of research, you’ll have access to hundreds of industry best-practice job profiles, which you can start using today to predict talent success.

AI and machine learning capabilities

When it comes to predicting talent success, AI and machine learning provide a huge competitive advantage. These capabilities get you up and running faster with the absolute best predictive models for your desired outcomes. That means when you’re predicting things like candidate fit and career potential, you’ll be using algorithms that are built for and designed to evolve with your unique organization.

Dedicated client success teams

When you’re an OutMatch customer, your talent is our top priority. Not only do you get powerful predictive technology to improve your talent, you also gain a long-term strategic partner. Our Client Success and Talent Analytics teams are here to help align solutions to your business goals, provide benchmarks and best practices, calculate ROI, increase your predictive power, and more.

Customer Success

See how top companies have improved hiring efficiency, increased performance and retention, and boosted leadership strength with OutMatch.

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