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Acceptance Corporation Boosts Their Bottom Line Through Improved Hiring

Delivering automation and analytics, OutMatch helps Acceptance hire better employees faster, enabling improved licensing exam pass rates, and generating $175K in annual ROI

By automating two key areas of the hiring process – assessments and reference checking – Acceptance reduced overall hire time by 10 days, saving each recruiter 8 hours per week. And by leveraging predictive analytics, Acceptance was able to improve quality of hire, which enabled an increase in the licensing exam pass rate from 30 to 80 percent. That generated $175,000 in annual savings by eliminating the need for additional exams, which cost up to $400 each.

“We were never true believers in predictive analytics until now. The results are impressive,” said Clay Stallings, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Development for Acceptance. “We had these amazing tools, but they weren’t being utilized. One call to OutMatch put us on the road to success.”

“Our experience with Acceptance demonstrates the impact OutMatch delivers by adding efficiency and predictability to the hiring process,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of OutMatch. “Companies spend less time hiring better employees, which leaves them more time to optimize operations and drive performance and profitability.”

The newly released case studies provide insight into the benefits realized by Acceptance since its partnership with OutMatch was launched in 2013.

Read the full press release on PRWeb.

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