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America’s Largest Distributor of Team Sports Equipment

America’s Largest Distributor Of Team Sports Equipment

Background: As a factory-direct equipment company, this company leverages a team of over 800 sales representatives across all 50 states to connect directly with customers in local markets.

Problem: The company saw an uptick in turnover on the sales team and traced the problem back to the talent selection process. Sales managers were responsible for a large number of hires, but they were being pulled in too many directions to properly vet talent. Some managers were using outdated paper assessments, but there was no formal (or efficient) assessment process in place to help managers identify a strong sales candidate and a good fit for their organization.

Solution: As part of the buying process, the Manager of Talent Acquisition sent sample assessment reports to hiring managers and asked them to grade the reports on ease of use. Hiring managers preferred OutMatch, almost unanimously, over other vendors. Stakeholders in the company were also impressed by the amount of analytical data we can provide on ROI and other key metrics. They are looking forward to seeing results in time to productivity, turnover, and customer service ratings.

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