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Assess Sim: The Newest Way To Develop Your Restaurant And Retail Managers
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Today we launched Assess Sim, our newest product in a line of employee development solutions. Created with both you and your employees’ interests in mind, Assess Sim is an engaging, cost-effective, scalable solution for employee development. Assess Sim identifies areas for improvement by measuring the performance of the managerial talent within your retail or restaurant organization.

As interesting as all of that sounds, what does it mean for you?

Let’s break it down…

  1. You receive immediate results. Because Assess Sim is a computer-based assessment, participant scores are immediately and automatically generated upon completion – results are available for viewing and development can begin immediately. No more waiting days for results to come back.
  2. You no longer have to succumb to costly simulation centers. Assess Sim offers a more scalable alternative that remains cost-effective because the simulation is online, eliminating the need for simulation centers that involve costly tangible resources and a live testing staff.
  3. Your employees can take the assessment from any location. Assess Sim offers the choice of not having to gather all of the participants together from decentralized locations to take a live simulation. This gives you and your employees more flexibility and ease of access to the assessment.
  4. You gain insight on a participant’s preferred leadership style. Assess Sim uses situational judgment testing. This means the assessment enables you to observe a participant’s judgment based on a specific work-related scenario. You’re given insight on how your employee goes about solving problems, implementing rules, and establishing leadership.
  5. You gain insight on individual and group training needs. Assess Sim measures a range of competencies needed to be successful in a particular job. Results are given for each competency, which can be used on an individual level for development, or on a larger scale to determine what strengths and weaknesses can be seen across the company at a certain level.
  6. You’re able to make better, more authentic promotion decisions. All participants are scored against a set of averaged results of top performers in their respective industries. Because of this, Assess Sim helps to identify high potentials for manager roles within your company, as well as employees that may need more training in order to become effective leaders.
  7. You’ll receive detailed development reports. Each report includes feedback for development as well as suggestions that can help your employees become more effective managers. You and your employees can learn how to strengthen weaknesses across the board as well as on an individual level. Delivered immediately after the assessment is complete, the participant can literally begin learning how to develop her skills as soon as possible.
  8. Your employees will actually enjoy taking this assessment. The interactive simulation creates a conversational feel. Complete with access to full operational data (team schedules, employee metrics, company emails, etc.), Assess Sim recreates a day-in-the-life experience for the participant. The clear connection between the assessment content and required job competencies is seen more favorably by job candidates than other types of assessments.

Wait, someone actually enjoyed taking an assessment for work? Yes.

One participant even said, “Whoever wrote the simulations must have worked here. We touch on all those issues from time to time and it’s impressive to see that this assessment is so realistic.”

Developing your managers is especially important since many are promoted from within. Internal managers often need development on the skills necessary for leading effective teams. Assess Sim enables you to develop your internal team in order to become more effective leaders through a cost-effective and industry-specific solution.

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