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Instantly analyze managers’ handling of real-life situations; gain immediate, actionable insights that develop leadership skills and strategies.

DALLAS, February 18, 2015 — Powerful real-life simulations, an engaging user experience, and immediate results are the core of Assess Sim, the newest assessment designed specifically for the retail and restaurant industries. Released today by Assess Systems, Assess Sim improves the ability of a restaurant or retail organization to measure the performance of its managerial talent through “day-in-the-life” videos, simulated business emails, and operational data—and does so cost-effectively and more quickly than other simulation tools.

Assess Sim:

  • Offers a virtual and cost-effective solution – Assess Sim is quick to implement and administer, replacing the need for assessment centers or workshops. It also significantly reduces the time managers are pulled away from their jobs.
  • Gives participants an interactive and engaging experience – Participants are more invested in taking the assessment because Assess Sim is industry-specific and job-related.
  • Provides immediate feedback – Automated scoring means that development can literally begin upon completion of the assessment.
  • Delivers detailed development reports with actionable information – The reports include development feedback and suggestions to foster individual participants’ growth, as well as identify high-potential leaders.

“Developing managers is especially important for the retail and restaurant industries because managers are frequently promoted from within and often need to work on the skills necessary for leading effective teams,” said Steve Sasser, President and CEO of Assess Systems. “Assess Sim enables companies to streamline managers’ development through a cost-effective and job-relevant solution, providing valuable organizational insights.”

The power behind Assess Sim is the data and expertise that Assess Systems has developed over its 30-year history assessing restaurant and retail managers. This includes determining which competencies are crucial for success, how to best evaluate those competencies, how to analyze the results, and which developmental suggestions and strategies are most effective for improving performance.

“Managers no longer have to sit through long, and sometimes boring, workshops. Instead, our managers have a simulation that is fun, self-paced, engaging, and can be done at home,” said Bill Streitberger, Chief People Officer at American Blue Ribbon Holdings. “This web-based tool enables us to evaluate multiple managers across the company at the same time, and delivers a consistent, objective assessment of each manager’s skills and developmental needs.”

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