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Presentations detail the benefits of combining assessments with multi-rater feedback, the key characteristics for creating effective mentoring relationships, and the personality types that prefer multitasking.

DALLAS, May 23, 2013—Assess Systems, a SaaS and consulting company specializing in talent assessment and leadership development solutions, contributed to three sessions at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) annual conference, held April 11 through 13 in Houston.

The topics presented detailed the benefits of combining employees’ personality assessments with multi-rater feedback data (feedback from employees’ immediate work circles) and the key characteristics for effectively matching mentors and mentees in mentoring relationships

“It’s vital for organizations to have high-quality employees, and to put those employees in situations where they have the best chance to maximize their potential,” said Carol A. Jenkins, Assess Systems’ vice president of talent solutions. “Our presentations illustrated how organizations can create more meaningful development experiences for their workforces by combining assessments and multi-rater feedback data. Partnering that with a harmonic mentoring match really sets up employees for success.”

In the first presentation, “International Perspectives on Combining Personality and Multi-rater Feedback Data,” Assess Systems detailed how combining personality assessments and multi-rater feedback data mutually benefits employees and their organizations. Many organizations use assessments and multi-rater feedback, but they rarely combine the two, which is an important step to gain insights about certain underlying causes of behavior, as well as how that behavior is perceived by various organizational constituencies. In fact, this approach is so powerful, in a review of over 1,000 participant evaluations, this combination of data was rated as the top most-liked aspect of the development program by over 85% of participants.

Assess Systems then covered the key characteristics for effectively matching mentors and mentees during a panel discussion titled, “eHarmony for Mentorship? Lessons Learned from Mentor-Mentee Matching.” Panelists included both practitioners and academicians, who shared personal findings and lessons learned from designing and implementing mentorship programs. Topics included the barriers associated with matching in the context of formal programs, long-term and short-term considerations, factors that relate to perceptions of a positive harmonic match, expectations on behalf of the mentors and mentees, and benefits from successful matching.

In the third interactive poster session, “Personality Correlates of Preference for Multitasking,” Assess Systems detailed the attitudes of various personality types regarding multitasking based on a sample of 527 managers in the financial sector. The sampling found that assertive and sociable individuals and those who prefer a fast-paced work environment are more likely to prefer multitasking than those who are detail-oriented, organized and serious-minded.

About Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

SIOP, a division of the American Psychological Association, is the premier membership organization for those practicing and teaching industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology. I-O psychology encompasses workplace issues at the individual and organizational level, including everything from workforce planning, employee selection and leader development to studying job attitudes and job motivation, implementing work teams and facilitating organizational change.

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