When a Talent Management article makes the cover of Fortune, you need to read it. Here is the summary of the best practices captured by Geoff Colvin:

  • Assess candidates and make offers in the same day (Intuit)
  • Grit and potential are often valued over education
  • How can employers identify future top performers?

Fortune cover.jpg
Traits to attract according to:

  • Accenture: Creativity, willingness to work hard, and love of learning
  • Egon Zehnder (executive level):
    • Curiosity’openness to learn and new ideas
    • Capability to adapt and deal with constant disruption and chaos
    • Willingness to learn about yourself, openness to feedback and to adapting yourself
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber: Tech skills + understanding of customer needs. Make it a new business model (i.e. “people who can figure out how customers can text pickup requests to a taxi company and people who can conceive of an Uber or a Lyft”)
  • Robert Half: soft skills and leadership abilities

Criteria to avoid:

  • Google: SAT scores, schools, majors

Things that your company need to create:

  • A reason, a cause, a human connection.

While reading this article, one thing made an impression at the end, is that HR can help leadership to express that “whole human side” which is needed to attract and retain great people.

At Checkster we expressed it in a short video, and yes all organizations have one.

Full article here.