Today, about 95 percent of companies perform reference checks. Reference checking is a current practice in the world of employment, but is often poorly performed. Not only is the process rushed and utilizes a limited amount of references, but recruiting and hiring managers don’t ask the right questions.

These two issues are really at the core of what constitutes a quality employment reference check: good questions and the right people as employment references.
At Checkster we looked at these factors and created a free report that is available here and covers the best questions to ask and the best process to use.

A sample pdf questionnaire download is available here.

The important question that remains for the job seeker is: What is there to learn from a traditional reference check? The answer to this is nothing. At Checkster we are changing this by providing a reference checking service that not only automates the process for recruiters, but also gives candidates a copy of the report so they can learn about their past performance.

The right career is found by knowing yourself and knowing how you did in your previous job, yet feedback is not used often in today’s world. We want to make sure that companies get better employees and individuals find careers that are aligned with their core talents!
That is what Checkster stands for!