Use these 6 competencies to identify successful remote employees – especially helpful in today’s stressful times

Remote work isn’t a new phenomenon. Some companies have been hiring remote workers for years. The old fashioned term for remote work was “telecommuting.” Remember that? Telecommuting was exciting! “You mean I can spend the entire day in my PJs?!”

Today, remote work is strategy, and getting more strategic by the day. Even before the coronavirus pandemic changed our work lives forever, companies began shifting some work to remote employees to help save costs, make schedules more flexible, and even increase their talent pool.

The challenges with managing and hiring remote workers will only get more complex as companies fundamentally change their hiring practices in a post Coronavirus world. The biggest problem with hiring remote workers is the hiring process itself. If you are using the same process as you use for on-premise workers, you are either not happy with the outcomes or losing good candidates who simply don’t want to put on an “interview suit.”

Using your existing process, how do you know if your candidate is self-directed enough, can build relationships remotely, or is agile enough to learn at a distance? In other words, what are the knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and competencies that lead to peak performance?

Here are 6 key competencies that we have found are the most telling of success in a remote role:

1. Adaptability

Open to new ideas and ways of doing business as well as adopting to change willingly.

2. Resilience

Responds to challenges with composure, optimism and hardiness; perseveres and exhibits healthy stress management strategies.

3. Learning Agility

Learns quickly, applies newly learned information and skills to innovate and adapt, and uses feedback to improve.

4. Communicating effectively

Expresses thoughts and ideas in a clear and effective manner.

5. Relationship management

Builds and maintains meaningful and positive connections with others inside or outside of the organization.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration

Cooperates with others through mutual trust and accountability to accomplish shared objectives.

If you are hiring remotely or realizing that remote hiring will be a key part of your post-Coronavirus strategy, you should seriously consider measuring for these competencies.

Talent assessments and video interviewing can help you identify and measure these competencies so that when you do hire that remote employee, you’ll know they can handle the work in their PJs all day long…