How to improve recruitment and lower hiring costs

GUEST AUTHOR: Taline Schmidt is a contributing writer for Markitors, a Digital Marketing Company. In her free time she likes to paint and listen to TEDtalks.

Recruiting new employees is one of the most costly things a company has to do over and over. And unfortunately, it’s only getting more difficult to attract top talent while keeping costs down. The hiring process is the first experience an employee has with your company and it can influence the way employees do their jobs once it’s over, too. On average it takes 27 days to train a new hire ” which is an all-time high.

In order to ensure recruiting doesn’t cost more than it has to, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective ways to improve recruitment efficiency.

The most effective ways to improve recruitment efficiency and step Up Recruiting Efforts

Up Your Marketing Efforts with Software and Websites

One way that a company’s recruitment can be inefficient is by wasting money on recruitment marketing that does not work. Using software or hiring websites like Appcast, Glassdoor, and Zip Recruiter are all ways to get the word out that you’re hiring. Utilizing niche hiring websites can help you get more diverse applicants as well.

Word of mouth is another way to increase applicants with zero cost. Having your current employees reach out to their friends or LinkedIn network is a great way to increase visibility with little effort.

Use Pre-Employment Assessments to Save on Hiring Costs

Pre-employment assessments, such as the ones FurstPerson provides, can save companies hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by looking out for specific traits.

‘Oftentimes, organizations rely solely on interviews and resumes to make a hiring decision. While there is a benefit in getting to know your job applicants, there are very specific skills, traits, and abilities that can’t be measured in an interview. That’s where we come in! We work closely with our customers to understand their organizational culture, their KPIs, and their challenges. This process of discovery allows us to customize our approach and align candidates with the organization’s specific wants and needs.”
‘ Megan Nau, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Have The Candidate Connect With Current Employees

As you probably know by now, cultural fit is one of the most important, if not the most important, factors in employee retention. It can be difficult to tell what employee values in an interview, but showing off your culture before or after the interview  or including different employees is the different rounds of interviews, exposes candidates to what you stand for.

66% of candidates think that talking to current employees first hand is the best way to get insight into a company. These interactions introduce candidates to their future coworkers and will hopefully make them more collaborative.

Use an Employment Agency

Using a temporary staffing agency can be a more cost-effective way to attract new talent without adding to the workload of your HR department. Temporary and temp-to-hire staffing services offer solutions for employers in nearly every industry. Working with a staffing agency has its perks, as well. HR managers can assess whether a candidate possesses the skills, experience, and education that your company needs.

Build Your Best Team Yet!

Focus on these 4 tactics and you will soon find that your recruitment efforts are significantly more efficient and successful!