HR leaders tell us which of SHRM’s top HR trends they’re most likely to pursue this year.

Earlier this year, SHRM released the Top HR Tech Trends for 2019. Here are 5 areas where HR leaders are really leaning in:

AI-Driven Technologies. While new AI technologies are being adopted everyday, HR technology leaders are becoming more diligent about AI tools. There are a lot of exciting applications of AI, and there’s also a lot of hype, so we’re seeing increased scrutiny to test its effectiveness and search for potential bias.

New Opportunities for Measurement. We’re starting to see organizations take a nontraditional approach to measuring things like employee engagement. New listening-based techniques enable employers to track where employees are spending time, how they’re using internal collaboration networks, and more. This is a big change from three years ago, when 89% of companies were using an enterprise-wide survey to assess engagement, according to Gartner.

Specialized HRIT Roles. An HRIT specialist is 1.5X more likely to be responsible for data security and technology configuration decisions than IT or functional roles, according to a 2018-2019 HR Systems industry survey. We’re seeing more of these specialists in HR than in finance or marketing because HR deals with more data privacy and integration issues than most other disciplines.

Specialized Point Solutions. Organizations are showing a renewed interest in technology and innovations from small, emerging vendors. Now that integrations with larger talent management suites can be completed in days or hours instead of months, organizations have the flexibility to implement specialized solutions in recruitment, performance management, and engagement, to name a few.

Push Recommendations. This trend is all about finding employees at the point of need, whether that need is learning and development content, onboarding information, benefits selection, or something else. This is a great way to deliver customized content at exactly the right moment – an important shift away from formal classroom training and the traditional information dump.

These are just 5 of the top HR trends reported by SHRM, and we know organizations can’t pursue everything at once. We asked 100 HR leaders in a recent webinar to tell us where they’re most likely to invest this year.

  • 33% said new opportunities for measurement
  • 23% said AI technology
  • 19% said specialized point solutions
  • 16% said push recommendations
  • 9% said specialized HRIT roles

With so much technology and so many exciting avenues to pursue, HR is in a position to impact the business like never before. The challenge is not, what can we do, but rather, how much can do to drive the business forward? This will depend on alignment with business strategy and smart HR tech investments.

To learn more about trends, the future of HR, and how to maximize success in Talent Management, watch our on-demand webinar: How to Build a High-Powered HR Machine.