Live Chat Support Statistics and How Chat Improves Customer Satisfaction

In an effort to meet customers where they are (and where they want to be reached) more companies are opting for a live chat option. And if these live chat statistics prove anything, it’s that customers are loving the live chat option. 

As technology has evolved, so has customer service. We’ve gone from in store and phone support to email and even social media to provide support.

There are a myriad of benefits for both customers and businesses with this recent explosion of live chat support. In recent years, live chat has taken off quickly, reducing the number of calls that come through your customer service department, and allowing your agents to handle multiple customers at once.

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But exactly how important is live chat to your customer service offerings? Take a look at some of these statistics below and find out.

Live Chat Support Has the Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction 

If one thing is clear, it’s that customers love live chat. As part of the movement away from a linear customer journey, live chat helps businesses achieve and maintain high rates of customer satisfaction by providing a convenient and instantaneous medium with which customers can communicate with representatives and reach out for support when they need it.

Here are 8 live chat statistics that illustrate why live chat has become such a popular alternative to phone support: 

1. Chat outranks Email, Social Media and Phone calls in Customer Satisfaction

With 92% customer satisfaction, live chat leads the way over telephone, e-mail, and social media support. 

2. Websites with Chat Agents Make Visitors Want to Return

63% of customers said they were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat as opposed to one that doesn’t. 

3. Customers Prefer a Live Chat Experience Compared to Other Contact Methods

73% of customers were satisfied with their live chat experience, surpassing all other channels. By comparison, email and phone customer satisfaction rated just 61% and 44% satisfaction, respectively. 

4. Chat Specialist Can Increase Sales and Online Orders

44% of customers said that having a live chat specialist available during an online purchase was one of the most important features a company can offer.

5.Chat is Fast & Provides Instant Communication to Customers

79% of customers say that they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it provides.

6. Customers Do Not Like Waiting in a Phone Queue

42% of customers say that not having to wait on hold is a key reason why they prefer live chat.

7. Most Customers will not Complete a Online Purchase If Chat is Not Available

77% of customers won’t make a purchase if there’s no live chat support, according to some studies. 

8. Live Chat Support Is Quick, And Agents Can Handle Multiple Inquiries at Once

Live chat agents solve  most problems in an average of 42 seconds.

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Overall, live chat isn’t just a customer service phase – it’s an essential cornerstone that’s becoming more popular as time goes on. We will continue tracking this topic throughout the year, providing additional insights and resources such as whitepapers and infographics to help you learn everything you need to know about providing live chat customer support.