what happens if you hire an employee that doesn’t fit the job?

The most valuable asset for any business is its employees. Unfortunately, if the right employees aren’t found, and those who don’t fit the job at hand are hired, the ability to achieve success may be hindered significantly. In fact, it’s estimated that 50 percent of newly hired employees won’t make it 365 days because they aren’t a good fit for the job.

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50% of newly hired employees won’t make it a year because they were a bad job fit

To ensure employees are hired that fit the job, a multimethod pre-employment assessment must be used. With this type of method in use, you are essentially measuring their ability, skills, and fit multiple times prior to bringing them on board.

Keep in mind, with this method it’s still possible to miss the mark when it comes to who you hire, but the likelihood of this happening is reduced significantly. Measurement is a critical factor when making any job-fit decisions.

the importance of proper job-fit measurement

Determining if someone fits a specific job is a complex task. Chances are you haven’t ever sat across from a potential employee and told them your positions are simple, and they don’t have to do much to find success.

The fact is, even in an entry-level position, there are several variables that drive success, each one being complex and extremely difficult to measure in an objective manner. Any job with these types of complex demands require rigorous evaluation methods to get right.

beyond the basic job assessment

It’s common practice to administer a combination reasoning test that asks questions regarding person’s personality, as well as their work style. While the personality test is a crucial part of determining if someone is a good fit for the job, it’s not the only factor that needs to be considered. It’s important to take the information from the personality test and expand upon it to ensure multiple areas “match.”

With a multimethod pre-employment assessment, you are integrating several evaluation types to provide a whole person exam covering diverse characteristics and traits, skills, and knowledge demanded by the specific job.

This allows you to obtain multiple evaluations or measurements for each of the job relevant performance domains. By predicting candidate behavior across multiple competencies, as this method provides, you can determine if the job-fit is there.

what is measured in A multimethod job assessment?

Using the multimethod assessment approach to determine job-fit will provide you information about all of the following regarding a candidate’s fit: problem solving capabilities, situational judgment, work history, prioritization, idea generation/brainstorming, multitasking abilities, data analysis, delegation, data analysis, and work style.

One of the biggest benefits offered by this assessment method includes how easy it is to use the content to mimic or reflect the actual job demands that the candidate is applying for. With the multimethod assessment you can combine several exercises to present a sequence of tasks a person may face during a typical day on the job. Seeing how they handle this sequence is the ideal way to determine if they are right for the job at hand.

the evolution of job fit measurement with pre-hireassessments

The fact is, pre-employment evaluation and assessment has evolved significantly in just the last few years. Thanks to the internet, there’s now a formula for ensuring that a multimethod assessment process can be used, ensuring the best possible candidate who fits the job at hand. For more information about finding the right person for a job, contact our team at FurstPerson.