Every business is asking a lot of their employees today. We are asking them to reduce hours and pay, take furloughs, and even share their home as they turn bedrooms and dining rooms into makeshift offices. We are also asking them to share their time between us as their employer and their roles as parents, teachers, and spouses. It’s been easy for no one. Outmatch is not exempt from this reality.

As CEO of Outmatch, I couldn’t be more proud of our Outmatchers. When asked to step up, they have always done so without hesitation. In early April, as the full extent of COVID-19 was first understood and many of our clients, resellers, and partners were suffering, we asked our team to consider voluntary pay reductions to save as many jobs as we could. Once again, the team stepped up, without hesitation, and 86% of the company said, “yes.”

Now, it is time for Outmatch to give back to the team. Last month Outmatch was awarded the Inc. 500 Best Workplaces award. Our role as a great employer is a serious one. We believe that if we are “borrowing” money from Outmatchers during this time, the least we can do is pay some “interest.” We are paying that interest by shortening our work hours, specifically closing our offices each week starting at 12:00 p.m. CT on Fridays through Labor Day.

What does this mean for you? If you are calling for Outmatch Support after 12:00 p.m. CT on Friday’s between now and Labor Day it may take us a bit longer to respond – we will have escalation procedures in place for critical items. It also means that we will ask Outmatchers not to schedule meetings after 12:00 p.m. CT on Fridays, with either you or other Outmatchers.

These are strange and memorable days we are all experiencing. Many of those memories we may not want to repeat. But we want our team to take advantage of the added time with family and loved ones and make great memories too. After all, it is the sacrifice of our team that enables us to stand strong today and emerge even stronger.

It is difficult to truly express my appreciation for your continued support as a client, reseller, or partner of Outmatch, except to say “thank you.” We succeed by taking care of each other, inside, and outside, of our companies. If we can help you in any way during this crisis and after, just let us know.

Greg Moran, President and CEO