What is the Value of using a Personality Test in the Hiring Process?

Recently, several articles and industry people have questioned the value of personality testing. As an example, an article in Workforce Management claims the five Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologists state that personality testing is overrated and does not provide value to pre-hire candidate evaluation.

What is personality testing?

Personality testing refers to pre-hire assessments that measure a job candidate around various behavioral factors like conscientiousness and extroversion. As an example, a candidate may demonstrate the ability to problem solve but on the job do they demonstrate an interest or willingness to problem solve. You can learn more about personality testing in our Knowledge Center.

These challenges have created a stir within the I/O community. At the SIOP website, several responses have been noted.

Yes! Personality Testing Works

In terms of practical results, yes personality testing works. When evaluating job candidates, we want to know if the can do the job (ability) and will do the job (behavior). Personality tests are one of the best methods at measuring potential job behavior which ties into job fit and culture fit. Our own internal data shows strong results for personality tests to predict retention and job performance.