firstperson-hiring-online-gamersWe all know the stereotype of the gamer personality but some interesting research at Harvard Business School by John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas and IBM makes the case that gamers might be your best employees.

The Harvard Business School article provides five ways that gamers are potentially better employees:

  • They are bottom-line driven

  • They understand diversity

  • They thrive on change

  • They see learning as fun

  • They “marinate” on the “edge”

While this article may be focused towards professional level positions, several themes do apply to hiring in contact centers. First, job candidates that spend time with online gaming might have a much better ability to multi-task during the call. Because they will know how to quickly find online resources and will be able to assemble “patterns” around their calls, they might have better first call resolution. Second, online gamers may learn faster meaning they can get to the production floor faster. However, if your training is old and outdated, they might question the organization and term faster.