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  1. Using Behavioral Assessments and Psychometric Testing for Home Agent Jobs

    How behavioral assessments and psychometric testing can help qualify candidates

    In recent years, many professionals have predicted that the percentage of remote contact center agents would continue to grow.

    This is good news since remote agents represent high-value opportunities for improving the quality of staff and customer satisfaction.

    However, today employers are mostly relying on traditional methods of screening candidates such as behavioral interviews, criminal background checks and drug tests. (more…)

  2. Stop Asking These 3 Interview Questions (Ask This – Not That)

    Refresh what you ask Candidates during the Interview and Hiring Process

    The job interview is your opportunity to size up a candidate and get a sense of whether (or not) he or she will add value to your team. The interview is your opportunity to consider if a candidate would gel with the rest of your team, likely be a long-term employee rather than consider your position as a stepping stone to something better, and has strong communication and interpersonal skills. Make sure to make the most of this limited window of time by asking the right questions.


  3. Do Your Hiring Managers Have an Attitude While Interviewing?

    Before attending the in-person interview process, savvy job candidates learn how to talk and act during an interview. Realizing one mistake can cost a job offer, verbal and non-verbal communication is crafted to ensure maintaining professionalism.


  4. Don’t Risk Losing a Prime Candidate Over a Poor Interview

    Why a Stellar Resume with a Great Interview May Not Mean a Star Candidate

    Have you ever hired what you thought was a star candidate, only to find out months down the road that his talk didn’t match his performance? If so, you are not alone. Studies show that 95 percent of all employers make bad hiring decisions.

    Despite this statistic, you’re still left to wonder, “Where did you go wrong?” Doesn’t a stellar resume plus a great interview equal a star candidate? Well, not always (as you know all too well). Employers are starting to understand that great interviews don’t necessarily equate to great on-the-job performance.


  5. Are Unstructured Interviews Bad? Replace Unstructured Interviews With These Tools & Why

    Why Unstructured Interviews Should Not Be Used And What Pre-hire Tools To Use Instead

    It’s not hard to see the allure of using unstructured interviews.

    Unlike other types of interviews, unstructured Q & A’s give the interviewer the freedom to explore details about the candidate that they think are interesting and relevant. However, while they might be favored by hiring managers, dozens of studies have shown that unstructured interviews demonstrate “embarrassingly poor validity” for screening decisions, and make it far easier for interviewers to exercise bias during the talent selection process. (more…)

  6. 5 Customer Service Interview Questions Every Manager Should Be Asking

    Top Interview Questions for Managers to Ask When Hiring Customer Support Employees

    You know how important it is to deliver quality customer service if you want your business to succeed, but do your employees? Finding someone that has that special mix of skills that will make them a customer service superstar is a daunting task, but having the right set of customer service interview questions in your hiring arsenal will help you hit your targets.


  7. Avoid Toxic Employees With Pre-Hire Assessments


     Companies across all industries have always competed to hire top-performing employees. While it is natural to want the best and brightest working for your company, a recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that top performers who are also toxic employees can be more trouble than they’re worth. Pre-hire assessments solve the problem. (more…)

  8. How to Use the Right Interview Process to Avoid the Wrong Hire

    Strategies to Improve Your Interview Process and Hire the Right Candidate

    When it comes to the interview process, we all want to believe our judge of character will be a good enough predictor to peg candidates who will succeed and even flourish in our organizations. It’s natural to feel that by interacting with someone directly, you’re going to understand their ability to do well on the job.