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  1. Contact Center Employees are Brand Ambassadors Building Customer Loyalty

    how to hire call center employees that excel at providing an exceptional customer experience

    It used to be that the quality of product and services was the primary customer focus, but today you can add another factor of equal importance ” a great customer experience. Just as the word “experience” implies, people want to feel good about their interactions with the business from beginning to end. They want quality, consistency, attention to details, and a company that has an honest and reliable brand reputation. Bottom line: They want to connect with employees who are brand ambassadors and take their job seriously.


  2. How to Use the Candidate Experience to Grow Brand Equity

    A recent study showed that more than three-quarters of all employers surveyed admitted to having trouble finding qualified talent. Note that these employers didn’t have trouble finding candidates – they had trouble finding the ‘right” candidates. This dilemma has forced both large and small-scale employers to take a closer look at the candidate experience and how to maximize the process to attract top talent.


  3. 6 Reasons Employer Branding is a Must in Pre-Hire

    Employer branding in pre-hire assessments attract talent that will help drive revenue and growth

    Whether you do it intentionally or not, your company is already creating an employer brand. Your culture and organizational behavior are the products that prospective job candidates are “buying” when they agree to spend the majority of their waking hours working for you.

    In today’s fiercely competitive human capital market, your employer brand is a powerful tool that, when implemented correctly, can make an immense difference in the quality of your workforce, the attainment of your operational goals, and the execution of your overall talent assessment strategy.