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  1. 5 Alarming Background Check Items That Go Unnoticed

    A new employee is hired and onboarded’months into their employment, it’s revealed that they have some unsettling, if not outright alarming, prior activity. How can this be, you wonder: you performed a background check before hiring them and everything appeared fine. 

    The problem is that standard background checks only go so far’and they often fail to catch behaviors that were not “officially” recorded or are outside the reach of standard databases.


  2. 5 Ways Candidate Fraud Can Carve Into Your Bottom Line

    Warren Buffett famously quipped that all employees must embody energy, intelligence, and integrity. And the hands-down most important? For Buffett, it’s integrity‘without which you’ll only wind up with a clever, fast-moving thief.

    We couldn’t agree more. Job applications and interviews tend to focus on other candidate characteristics’without confirming that these will be put to use for the right reasons. But honesty plays a more significant role than most hiring managers might realize. 

    Consider this: for modern businesses, nearly 75% of data breaches are created from within. In 2019 alone, the average data breach cost a company $3.9 million. Failing to evaluate integrity results in significant risk’and can impact your company with tragic and avoidable loss. 


  3. How to Deal With Fake References

    Fake job references. They’re a natural part of the hiring process and, just like inflated resumes and far-fetched claims during the interview, need to be identified.