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  1. Diversity & Inclusion: What Checkster Stands For

    2020 will remain a very unique time in history.

    Recent events have made us all stop and think (more) about equality and diversity. For me, they’ve also brought to mind history: both America’s history and my own.


  2. Collective Intelligence is a Hiring Manager’s Secret Weapon

    What makes you sure you’ve been successful in hiring the right candidate? Many recruiters and managers simply base their decisions on a “gut feeling” after completing an interview. But that singular approach (one person’s intuition or feeling) misses out on the power of relying on multiple data points, the power of collective intelligence.


  3. Checkster named #1 best reference checking software by real users.

    It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

    We love hearing from our users and take all feedback (from delighted comments to constructive critiques) to heart. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to have our Reference Insights solution ranked #1 in top industry comparisons by Info-Tech’s 2019 Software Reviews Report.

    Info-tech, a research and advisory firm for technology leaders, surveyed end users to determine which reference check software tools rated the highest in vendor experience and capabilities, as well as product features and satisfaction. (more…)

  4. The Legal Issues of Reference Checking


    When trying to evaluate a candidate using feedback from their references, it’s frustrating to get a stone wall response from these references, who say they cannot provide you with the info you’re looking for.