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  1. Poor measurement of talent quality

    How often do you find yourself retuning a meal at a restaurant? Not that often, right? In fact, it’s usually only when the food has a pretty big issue: maybe it tastes terrible or is severely under-cooked. I think this serves as a perfect analogy for involuntary turnover.


  2. Developing Employee Career Pathing and Ladders

    One of the top reasons good employees leave jobs is because they have few or no opportunities to advance within a company. But this particular pain point can be mitigated by identifying potential avenues through which an employee can grow and integrate as a member of a business. They want to know how their careers fit in with your long-term business plans: the extension and development of employee career pathing and ladders is a crucial factor in retention, engagement, and ultimately business growth.


  3. Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

    Define emotional intelligence, the value of it in the workplace, and how to utilize it. Use New Hire Insights and Talent Insights to measure an employee’s self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation. (more…)

  4. Diversity & Inclusion: What Checkster Stands For

    2020 will remain a very unique time in history.

    Recent events have made us all stop and think (more) about equality and diversity. For me, they’ve also brought to mind history: both America’s history and my own.


  5. HR Budget Planning: Planning Your HR Costs for the Future

    HR budget planning is always a guessing game, and the rules, players, and resources change every single year. Even if you have a pretty good handle on what the year ahead will look like, budgeting is often done without all of the details handy, and can feel like walking across an on-fire tightrope while handcuffed and blindfolded: the stakes are high, the execution is difficult, and the results are oh-so worthwhile. But planning a comprehensive and successful HR budget can be simple as well as effective, with just a little analysis and foresight.


  6. How to Measure Company Culture

    The health of a company can be directly connected to the health of their employee base. And one of the ways you can maintain an environment which keeps your workforce healthy, happy, and motivated is by developing and managing a strong company culture.