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  1. Early Stage Attrition in Call Centers ” Why Employees Leave Within the First 90 days

    What causes early stage attrition and employee turnover in call centers?

    Depending on the source of the statistics, the average turnover rate for all employees within the first 90 days is 33-percent, but the number can jump to 45-percent for call centers. This is an expensive proposition for employers. Various studies have found the cost to replace an employee can cost the employer approximately 33-percent of the employee’s annual salary. ZipRecruiter says the average call center job pays $18 per hour in the United States, so replacement cost is over $12,000 for a full-time frontline employee.


  2. Pre-Hire Assessments: Does Personality Testing Work?

    What is the Value of using a Personality Test in the Hiring Process?

    Recently, several articles and industry people have questioned the value of personality testing. As an example, an article in Workforce Management claims the five Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologists state that personality testing is overrated and does not provide value to pre-hire candidate evaluation.


  3. The Most Effective Tools for Hiring Contact Center Agents

    The Most Effective Tools for Hiring Contact Center Agents

    ContactBabel, a leading analyst firm covering the call center industry that is based in the UK, recently released their 2011 US Contact Center Decision Makers’ Guide (2011 Guide). FurstPerson provided sponsorship of the report.


  4. Pre-Employment Assessments Aren’t Only for Skills Testing

    Employment assessments evaluate skills and can identify candidates that have the personality traits and attributes employers want

    With a fiercely competitive job market and hiring costs on the rise, finding qualified candidates is not enough. Today’s employers want to find the “right” qualified candidate. Certainly, employers want candidates with the right skills, but they also want candidates that will “fit” well into the company culture.


  5. Gen Z is Here and Bringing Implications for Hiring Assessments

    what are Gen Zers thinking and expecting in terms of employers and work?

    They will comprise at least 20% of the workforce by the year 2020

    Here they come ” knocking at your recruiter’s door (so to speak)! Born in 1997 or later, the first group of Gen Z college graduates will soon be ready to start their careers, and projections indicate they will comprise at least 20 percent of the workforce by the year 2020. If you have not considered what Gen Zers are thinking and expecting in terms of employers and work, then you likely have not begun adapting your talent system to recognize their differences and the changes they will bring to your operations. Every element of your talent management process ” recruiting, hiring, developing, managing, engaging, assessing ” needs to take Gen Z into consideration to successfully compete in the labor market.


  6. Contact Center Employees are Brand Ambassadors Building Customer Loyalty

    how to hire call center employees that excel at providing an exceptional customer experience

    It used to be that the quality of product and services was the primary customer focus, but today you can add another factor of equal importance ” a great customer experience. Just as the word “experience” implies, people want to feel good about their interactions with the business from beginning to end. They want quality, consistency, attention to details, and a company that has an honest and reliable brand reputation. Bottom line: They want to connect with employees who are brand ambassadors and take their job seriously.


  7. Quality of Hire and Recruiting Speed in Hiring ” How do you have both?

    Can you have both quality of hire and recruiting speed in the hiring process?

    Recruiting speed and hiring for quality are two of the biggest challenges facing firms that employ contact center agents. By quality of hire, we mean the organizational standard that defines satisfactory job performance. By recruiting speed, we mean how fast the hiring process can move a candidate from point of contact to an accepted job offer.