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  1. Contact Center Employees are Brand Ambassadors Building Customer Loyalty

    how to hire call center employees that excel at providing an exceptional customer experience

    It used to be that the quality of product and services was the primary customer focus, but today you can add another factor of equal importance ” a great customer experience. Just as the word “experience” implies, people want to feel good about their interactions with the business from beginning to end. They want quality, consistency, attention to details, and a company that has an honest and reliable brand reputation. Bottom line: They want to connect with employees who are brand ambassadors and take their job seriously.


  2. The Human Side of Technology: In Need of Contact Center Employees with Higher Level Skills

    Automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning ” the list of exciting new technologies seems endless. As a business leader trying to keep the company competitive, you may decide you do not love seemingly endless advances in technology because they complicate things like employee training systems, but you cannot leave technology behind. It is embedded in the lives of customers and business operations. The impact of technology on most jobs has been significant, and customer call centers or contact centers are included among the operations most affected.