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  1. 7 Tips for Reducing Call Center Attrition & Turnover Rates

    how to fight attrition and bring down overall turnover rates

    There is no denying that call centers have one of the highest turnover rates of all industries.

    In fact, attrition rates for call centers fall anywhere from 35 to 40 percent, depending on the study. Whether your company’s attrition rates rank at the higher or lower end of this range, it is still cause for concern and it requires immediate attention.

    You don’t have to settle for high attrition rates. These tips can help you develop business practices that can fight attrition and bring down your overall turnover rates.


  2. 3 Commonly Overlooked Opportunities to Reduce Attrition

    Attrition is costly. How costly is up for debate. Some research studies estimate that it costs $4,219 and takes 42 days to hire a new employee, which corresponds nearly identically to FurstPerson’s cost-of-attrition research that settled on $4,284 per lost employee. Others estimate that the total cost is a percent of the position salary, ranging from 16% to 20% for low-to-mid range paying jobs.  In additional to tangible costs, lost employees can have other negative effects, such as increased workload for remaining employees, lost productivity, reduced engagement for the workforce, and an impact on the climate and culture of the company. (more…)