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  1. Why Video Interviewing Matters More Than Ever

    Video interviewing has been a hot topic in the field of recruiting for some time. So much so, that according to a recent LinkedIn study, video interviewing is part of a slew of new trends shaping the future of recruiting and hiring.

    But what aspect of video interviewing is causing so many companies to go out of their way to completely alter the hiring strategies that they’ve been using for years on end?

    It’s clear now more than ever that video interviewing is the answer that many organizations didn’t even know they were looking for.

    In this piece, we’ll be explaining how (and why) video interviews have been able to make the impact that they have, along with what makes companies choose them in the first place.

    How do video interviews save time? 

    Let’s be honest, we’re all extremely busy nowadays. With the “always plugged in” mentality that smartphones have brought us, everyone is always multitasking and very rarely know when they’d be available for a meeting.

    Along with that, recruiters and hiring managers are very well-aware of the phone tag that commences whenever you’re trying to schedule a time to speak with your candidates.

    With video interviews, you can simply record a video with all of the questions that you’d like answered by the candidates and send them all out at once. Not only that, but the candidates can then record their responses at their convenience. Eliminating the need to schedule a time for both parties.

    Companies have come to find out just how valuable this quality is and it has proven to be one of the main reasons as to why they choose to utilize video interviews as a staple of their recruiting.

    How do you use video interviews with a global workforce? 

    How do you use video interviews with a global workforce?

    Another big reason why video interviews have grown to be what they are today is the growing interconnectivity of the global economy thanks to the rise of the internet.

    More and more positions are being relocated to remote positions, which means that the person that ends up taking the job may very well be located in a different state or on the other side of the world.

    With this interconnectivity comes the concern for how employers plan to interview these candidates from all over. While their positions are remote, hiring managers still need to be assured that they’re the right fit for the company as they do with every other position.

    And the best way of going about interviewing these candidates without having to spend a lot of money on travel costs is by sending them a video interview.

    It’s a much cheaper option and gives them the ability to gauge their skills as they do with every other candidate.

    How can you recruit quality candidates faster?

    How can you recruit quality candidates faster?

    Let’s be honest, the more experienced and qualified a candidate is, the more recruiters are going to be hounding them.

    So much so, that the all-star candidate that you’ve just interviewed yesterday most likely already got an offer elsewhere (sorry!). So it’s imperative that your recruiting process is optimized to move along as fast as possible.

    In comes video interviews! They allow you to cut your recruiting time in half due to not having to waste time scheduling interviews, interviewing each candidate individually, etc.

    Candidates will be impressed by how fast you move the process along and you will have a much higher chance of getting that top candidate you’ve been eyeing!

    How do you know if video interviews are a good idea for your company? 

    How do you know if video interviews are a good idea for your company?

    If you’re still on the fence about whether or not video interviewing is a good idea for your organization, take a look below to see if any of these reasons are also relevant to your company.

    High-Growth Plans

    If you’re planning on growing your organization this year, you may want to consider utilizing video interviews. The bigger your hiring needs, the bigger the challenge and the more critical efficiency & speed will become.

    Imagine this, an average position typically receives about 141 applicants, so an organization that wants to fill 50 positions will have to sort through over 7,000 applicants!

    Needless to say, you ought to consider video interviews.

    Another situation is if you are planning on expanding across multiple regions or countries. To maintain your quality of hires across states, countries, etc. it’s important for your hiring team to be able to review candidates from your headquarters or regional management. Having a bad hire has a lot of hidden costs, so quality and consistency are very important.

    Frustrated Recruiters

    A frustrated recruiter that isn’t performing to the best of their abilities is a recipe for disaster at any company. One of the main reasons that recruiters are put into these situations is because scheduling interviews are such time-consuming activities that it ends up being a large halt on their productivity.

    In fact, many say that it actually takes more time to schedule a phone-interview than it takes to actually conduct one!

    Competitive Hiring

    Don’t get confused and assume that you’re always the one in the position of power at every interview. Keep in mind that the candidate is evaluating your company just as much as you’re evaluating them.

    Video interviews are a new, innovative, and convenient form of communication that is sure to elevate your brand in their eyes.

    You also need to consider all of the passive candidates that are more likely to give an interview as long as they don’t have to sneak away during work hours.

    4 Questions to ask

    4 Questions to ask

    If you’re still on the fence about employing video interviews as part of your recruiting process, take a look at these 4 questions that will help assess if your company is ready for video interviewing.

    1. Are you already using video in some capacity?

    If you’re already using some form of video as part of your hiring process, you may want to consider using a platform that is specifically designed from the ground up for recruiters and hiring managers.

    1. Do you know your cost to hire? What else are you measuring?

    The ability to measure results will help you to get a better handle on your costs and to understand other key metrics. Do you currently have the means to measure? What story does your output tell?

    1. Do you struggle to coordinate time between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates?

    Video interviewing eliminates the need to try and schedule everyone for the same day. Once the candidate has recorded the interview, all of the stakeholders can view the recording at their convenience, as well as review and make additional feedback.

    1. Do you have positions for which you receive a high volume of resumes?

    Some positions generate a large number of resumes that are typically pretty similar (recent college grads) and trying to distinguish one candidate from another can be a daunting task as they are all using the same keywords and usually have the similar work experience.

    Video interviewing helps the most qualified candidates stand out from the rest while alleviating having to go through hundreds of similar resumes.


    Video interviews are growing in popularity and for good reason, they cut down on time and give you the ability to interview anyone in the world at their convenience. So take a long hard look at your recruiting process to discover if video interviews are the answer that you’ve been looking for!