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  1. Global leader in contract foodservice and hospitality realizes more time and money after ramping up reference checking

    The data Outmatch generated through automated reference checking for external hires was so compelling that this contractor applied the solution to internal talent selection too.

    Executive Summary
    This multi-national food service organization has more than 50,000 sites and 510,000 employees. In 2016 alone, approximately 6,140 candidate reference checks were performed.  That’s a big investment of time and money, so it’s important that data collected be right. The company approached Outmatch about finding a faster and more accurate way to gather useful candidate information.

    A Need for Speed without Sacrificing Quality
    The organization needed to automate processes and reduce the strain on the recruitment network. However, it didn’t want to sacrifice objective and predictive value to the decision-making hiring process. Without a better way, staff wasted time and gathered subjective or somewhat useless candidate information. What next?

    Predictive, Competency-Based Solutions Made a Difference
    The contractor partnered with Outmatch in 2014 to automate reference checking and improve quality of hire. A Director of U.S. Talent Acquisition, said they chose Outmatch because Outmatch could develop a solution to meet specific needs.

    Outmatch matched the right people with the right roles through predictive, competency-based solutions and they quickly saw results that positively affected its bottom line.

    Automated Reference Checking Solution Pays Off
    Once automated reference checking was implemented, hiring managers realized serious bottom line benefits. Under the old system, recruiters filled out multiple forms and reference checks often took 30 minutes or more on the phone.

    “We were able to take all that away,” the Director said.

    With Outmatch automated reference checking, the company saved time, labor and got a more quality result.

    In fact, the client was so excited by the quality of the people hired from outside the company that they asked Outmatch to develop a similar solution for the internal hiring process.

    “We had to ask standard questions of hiring managers such as whether a candidate had proper work authorizations,” the Director said. “So, we asked Outmatch to develop an automated solution to fit that need too.”

    Through close client communication and teamwork, Outmatch created a tailored solution that worked. To date, this leading food service contractor has improved its talent selection and hiring processes and continues to work with Outmatch to build world class candidate experiences.