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  1. 19 Recruiting Metrics to Power Your Hiring Strategies

    Today’s recruiting practices are more complex than ever. Successful modern recruiting strategies require talent acquisition professionals to take a metric-driven approach. But with the many stages of the recruiting funnel, identifying which metrics to measure can be challenging.


  2. Upgrade your Glassdoor Brand Ratings

    Candidate Carla sees your job post and it immediately sparks her interest. She knows she’s highly qualified for what the position entails, and is intrigued by the promise of more responsibility, intelligent and interactive teams, and a leading product. Now that she’s seriously considering applying, what do you think her next move may be?


  3. How to be a TA Hero

    Times are tough. There’s no doubt about it. And, particularly,  the world of Talent Acquisition is in flux. We’re all scrambling to “make it work” overwhelmed by new and unexpected challenges. 


  4. HR Budget Planning: Planning Your HR Costs for the Future

    HR budget planning is always a guessing game, and the rules, players, and resources change every single year. Even if you have a pretty good handle on what the year ahead will look like, budgeting is often done without all of the details handy, and can feel like walking across an on-fire tightrope while handcuffed and blindfolded: the stakes are high, the execution is difficult, and the results are oh-so worthwhile. But planning a comprehensive and successful HR budget can be simple as well as effective, with just a little analysis and foresight.


  5. Your Candidate Tells a “White Lie” on their Resume. Do You Hire Them—Or Pass?

    Pop quiz! 

    Say you’re the hiring manager or recruiter for an impressive job candidate. But during the recruiting process, you find out that something they said’on their resume or in an interview’stretched the truth. Maybe they boosted their title. Maybe they claimed to write a report’when they merely contributed a single section to it. 

    Do you hire this person? Or do you pass? Is your team doing the same thing?


  6. How to Measure Company Culture

    The health of a company can be directly connected to the health of their employee base. And one of the ways you can maintain an environment which keeps your workforce healthy, happy, and motivated is by developing and managing a strong company culture.


  7. Employee Headcount Report and Tracking

    The headcount, at its most basic, is simply the number of people employed by a business at a given time. Also known as a workforce census, understanding who works for you and where they are within your company allows for critical insight into the health and operational power of your organization.


  8. Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong

    The recent Harvard Business Review article  entitled : Your Approach to Hiring Is All Wrong is very critical of TA and should make us all pauseEvery so often similar articles are written, criticizing hiring processes and how they may be improved upon. The question is: should we pay attention and listen to our critics, or simply dismiss these sporadic analyses of the industry as inconsequential ramblings?  (more…)