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  1. [Webinar] Tips for Working Remotely

    These days, most of us are working from home. But how can we work smarter (and even better) than we did in the office? Sean Rehder, Checkster Community Manager and host of Let’s Talk Recruiting explores this new working reality with recruiting professionals Andy Loyd from Sonatype, Elizabeth Allen of Satellite Healthcare/WellBound, and Blick Art Materials’ Amanda Albrent as they discuss their best tips for working remotely now and in the future. Watch the webinar here!


  2. [Webinar] Checkster Welcomes Sean Rehder as Community Manager and Sponsors Recruiting.Work Community


    On September 9, 2020 Checkster announced its sponsorship of Recruiting.Work, an online community of corporate recruiting practitioners with over 5,000 members across the U.S.

    A Partnership to Provide Value

    Yves Lermusi, co-founder and CEO of Checkster, shared, “The Recruiting.Work community is all about building strong connections across the talent acquisition space and increasing their knowledge through collective intelligence, sharing something that resonates deeply with the Checkster mission and deeply needed in current times. We look forward to partnering closely with Recruiting.Work, allowing them to further expand their reach.”

    Recruiting.Work Founder and Checkster’s New Community Manager: Sean Rehder

    Recruiting.Work was founded by Sean Rehder, who recently joined Checkster as Community Manager. The community’s purpose is “To connect one another, to communicate with each other, to collaborate as a group.” As such, Recruiting.Work is a collection of recruiters looking to find and build networks in the world of corporate recruiting and talent development.

    Sean is looking forward to working at Checkster and from there support further growth of the community, as well as continue to offer (and expand on) valuable content.

    The team at Checkster is thrilled to have Sean on board, bringing his talent acquisition industry expertise into the organization. His community-focused accomplishments as of late are significant; succeeding at growing and supporting a highly successful recruiting network. He provides cutting-edge content as well as career growth and networking opportunities to industry professionals across the United States. He serves as an important resource to all members and would be an influential connection for any recruiter.

    “I’m very happy to have joined the Checkster team.  I’ve personally known and had the opportunity to work with Yves Lermusi, Checkster’s CEO, for nearly 15 years.  In fact, for many of those years I was a happy Checkster client.

    Checkster’s Solutions: Avoiding “Lost Knowledge”

    “In addition to working with Yves, it is Checkster’s product suite that has my strong interest.  The Insights tools make up a full product suite (from reference check to exit interview) that is designed to compile and organize the input of many individuals — from candidates to new hires to long-time employees — into a collection of valuable data.  This data becomes a pool of knowledge in my opinion.

    “I’ve worked at many companies in my career and all too often see examples of what I would call “úlost knowledge.’ There are so many data points from hire to departure that are lost, as HR manually tracks, or misses the opportunity to track, along the way. I’ve also seen companies attempt to solve this information-gap on their own and fail. On your own it’s pretty much impossible to gather all the information into one place and tie it together.

    “I believe Checkster has the best solution for gaining this intelligence and am very happy to be part of the team to develop and deliver it. I’m looking forward to joining forces to provide even more opportunity to the growing Recruiting.Work community while being a part of the Checkster team.

    Join Recruiting.Work

    A collection of recorded webinar panels from the Recruiting.Work community can be found here on the Checkster blog. If you’re interested in joining the community, you can sign up here.


  3. [Webinar] Recruiting Trends That Seem to be Sticking

    Recruiting trends may come and recruiting trends may go ‘ but the ones that stick around usually promise the biggest impact on your recruitment strategy success and are worth focusing on.

    In this session of the “Let’s Talk Recruiting” series, host Sean Rehder and four longtime recruiting professionals from varied industries ran down the key recruiting trends on the minds of top recruitment professionals today.


  4. [Webinar] 5 Things I’d Wish for in Recruiting Tools

    If you could wave a magic wand and conjure up the most useful, game-changing recruiting tools for your business, what would they be?

    This panel webinar explores ways to better leverage some tools you might already use as well as new ones that could elevate and transform how you work every day.


  5. [Webinar] 5 of the Most Underrated Recruiter Skills

    Truly great recruiters go above and beyond just hitting their numbers ‘ they use powerful but underrated recruiter skills that merge the science of finding the right candidates with the art of attracting and engaging the best talent.